This Project

This project aims to empower 40 women leaders with the knowledge to prevent waterborne diseases and use a water filter at their homes. These Women Leaders live in a slum in Guayaquil city called Cooperativa San Francisco which lacks basic infrastructure, in particular safe water supply. The women leaders form a well-established group with experience in the prevention of domestic violence in Cooperativa San Francisco.









Our Local Partner

The Ecuadorian NGO Paz y Esperanza is our local partner in this project. Paz y Esperanza works on community capacity building for the prevention of domestic violence in several marginalized neighborhoods of Guayaquil city. Cooperativa San Francisco is one of the most vulnerable ones. Paz y Esperanza has been supporting the group of women leaders in San Francisco for about 6 years.









Our Approach

We believe in empowering vulnerable people to solve their own problems. The group of women leaders in Cooperativa San Francisco is a good example of the positive changes a women leaders group can bring in their neighborhood. In this project we expect a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of these women and their households, which will motivate them to train and encourage other Mothers in Cooperativa San Francisco to do the same. As such, we as Fluid are committed to supporting the livelihood improvement of the poor in Cooperativa San Francisco.









Financial Support

To finance this project we need 1360 Euros:1036 Euros to purchase 40 water filters, 144 Euros to cover the transport costs and 180 Euros for the collection of testimonials in videos. For each donation of 34 Euros one woman leader and her household will benefit from this project.