Current project

Vulnerable families in Guayaquil

Flor de Bastión is a marginalized neighborhood in Guayaquil city where people don’t have access to safe drinking water. In the beginning of 2019 about 150 heads of households with disabled children learned about waterborne diseases at workshops given by our Local Partner. 43 of these families chose water filters to treat their water at home. They received subsidies to purchase those water filters.









Our Local Partner

CREER is an organization supporting families in poor neighbourhoods who have children with disabilities. They work in Flor de Bastión with more than 150 families. CREER volunteers were trained by Fluid on how to organize awareness raising workshops for preventing water borne diseases. At the end of the workshops 43 families chosed to purchase subsidized water filters.

Caritas Wageningen

This project was financed by Caritas Wageningen which collected 962,70 Euros at their Easter Mass in 2019.

Stichting Fluid

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