Current Project

This Project

With this project we supported 42 vulnerable families in the prevention of water borne diseases. Starting with an awareness raising campaign about hygiene and water borne diseases, focusing on the importance of washing hands at key moments and treating drinking water at home. Those who completed the training got access to a subsidized home water filter.









Our Local Partner

This project was implemented by the catholic community “Servidoras del Señor y de la Virgen de Matará (SSVM)”, which supports vulnerable girls in Guayaquil with schooling, shelter, meals and counseling. These girls are coming from 42 homes where parents passed away or are suffering from an illness that hinders them to take care of their children.









Low-cost Water Filters

The low-cost water filters used in this project are locally made, effective, robust, easy to use and maintain. The filters cost 25USD and give up to 6000 liters of purified water. For a big family,  this amount of safe drinking water is enough for about 2 years. The replacement component, for future additional 6000 liters, is available in the market for about 15USD.

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