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Our Mission

Fluid Foundation works for vulnerable people through reliable local partners on awareness raising campaigns and Home water Treatment


Vulnerable People

We give priority to the vulnerable people in need of safe drinking water identified by our local partner. Vulnerable people are persons and families living with extremely low income, often with disadvantages in society because of mental or physical disabilities and sometimes being left alone by family and relatives. We support them through a local partner that has a good relationship with them.

Local Partners

We work with local partners in Ecuador who are appreciated by local people because of the work they do with vulnerable households. These local partners bring in a budget to cover the costs of their staff members and volunteers, their operation and administrative costs, while Fluid covers the costs of the awareness raising campaigns and water solutions like water tanks and/or water filters.

Awareness raising and Training

Solid awareness raising is key to sustainability and lasting change. Fluid developed simple but effective ways to let people know about the microorganisms causing waterborne diseases and how to prevent them. Together with our local partners we find out the most convenient and suitable way of running these awareness raising campaigns. For this awareness raising, we usually use practical methods such as group presentations, folders and videos.

Home water treatment

The most common ways of home water treatment are: boiling water for at least 10 minutes, disinfecting water with chlorine or making use of water filters. During the years we have learned that in most cases the use of low-cost water filters is the most simple and cost-effective option for home water treatment. The use of Chlorine is commonly promoted in emergency situations, however calculating the right and safe dosifications requires water sampling and skillful experts. To save time and fuel people get used to boiling water for less than a minute, which allows parasite eggs to survive.

Current Project

Women leaders preventing waterborne diseases

This project aims to empower 40 women leaders with the knowledge to prevent waterborne diseases and use a water filter at their homes.

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